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Updated: July 17, 2013

Wireless R/C Aerial Video Projects




Testing & Operation


Video #1 (Zagi)

Wireless Video from Kyosho Soarus Glider

Raw Video (Soarus)



Note: All pictures that follow are "clickable".  Clicking on them will show you an enlargement!

A lil' history ...
    As fun as R/C flying is, I seldom get bored.  During those few times of boredom, I roam around my workshop (the Mad Scientist Lab" as some call it) and will occasionally come up with a neat idea.  One of these ideas was wireless aerial video.  I've messed around with wireless cameras and such in the past (home automation, security, etc...) but really never thought about putting a video transmitter in or on an R/C airplane.  A few years back, wireless video systems dramatically came down in price due to improved technologies, imports from China and Hong Kong and Ebay certainly helped in sales too.  The size and weight of these systems have certainly made it possible to now add one to an R/C airplane, even small, lighter foam airplanes.  A couple of years back, I acquired one of these imports and messed around with it a bit.  To be honest, the CMOS cameras that usually come with these systems are junk (good for testing but that's about it).  Bottom line, plan to invest in a better CCD color camera ($50-100) if you want good quality video.  As for the transmitter and receiver, these are amazingly high quality.  Also, be sure you get a 900MHz or 2.4GHz model and not a 1.2GHz version as these are supposedly illegal to use in the USA (US avionics freq. band?).

Design Criteria Summary:

1) Design wireless video system to fit on R/C airplane
2) Design mounting method to attach camera, transmitter to airplane wing
3) Design pannable mounting system such to allow 2-axis panning of color video camera
4) Transmit live video from R/C airplane to ground receiver
5) Record live video onto tape for playback
6) Continuous video link, up to at least 1000 feet distance (line-of-sight from transmitter to receiver)

Parts & Tools List ...

1) ...more coming soon

Building Instructions...

...more coming soon


Testing & Operating Instructions...

...more coming soon


Additional Notes... 


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