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Updated: July 17, 2013

DIYRC.com's Electronic/Engineering Links
Circuits Parallel Port Stepper Motors Telephone Magazines Parts ICs Stereo IR Remotes Stamp/PIC

Circuits Stuff!

Aaron's Electronic Circuits
AC Voltage Sensor ! (Lancaster)
Cyber-Circuit Search Demo
Directory of /pub/electrical/win95
Directory of /pub/electronics/cookbook
Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive
Electronics info page (Tons of links!)
Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner: Ports: PC Keyboard FAQ
Interfacing the BASIC STAMP 2 with the DS1620 Thermometer
Interfacing the BASIC STAMP 2 with the DS1621 Thermometer
Ivex Design International - Free PCB Software
Links to related EE sites
PCB BPECS CAD schematic prototypes
Randy's Electronic Engineering Page
Ron's Electronics-Related Links
The Electronic Cookbook Archive
The Electronic Guide
The Electronic Guide, BeMa Electronics
Video digitiser circuit description
Zorin HC11 Microcontroller Products

Parallel Port Stuff

Computerize Your Room/House (LPT1:)
Controlling 110v with Computer
Interfacing to the IBM-PC Parallel Printer Port
LPT Controlled Relay PCB
Parallel Port Info. #1
Parallel Port Info. #2
Parallel/PC Printer Port use for Control and Data Acquisition
The PC's Parallel Port

Stepper Motor Stuff

Jones on A Worked Stepping Motor Example
Stepper Motor Tutorial

Telephone Stuff

How do Telephones work ??
Telephone - How it works!
Telephone interfacing circuits
Telephone technology page
Use old telephones as an intercom

Electronics & Computer Parts/Magazines/Stores

Computer Magazines

BYTE Magazine
Computing Dictionary
PC Magazine Online
PC Tip of The Week
Welcome to PC/Computing

Electronic Magazines

Circuit Cellar INK®
Electronic Design Pages
Electronics Now (Gernsback Publications Online)
Electronics on the Web - Title Page
Nuts & Volts Magazine
Sci.Electronics Faq: Magazines
What's All This Homepage Stuff, Anyhow? (Pease's Porridge)

Electronic Parts

All Electronics Corp.
Alltronics- buys and sells electronic components and equipment
American Science & Surplus
Circuit Specialists, Inc -- Online Catalog
Digi-Key Corporation Home Page
DTE - Electronic Kits and Components for ALL Technical Abilities, from Beginners to Designers. The UK Catalogue that serves the World. If you're into electronics then this site is designed for you.
Electronic Bulk Buys
Electronic Goldmine. Electronic Wholesale Surplus, Electronic Kits
Electronic Info. Online Surplus Store !
Electronics Parts Links (Parallax Links)
Flat-Panels - Earth Computer Technologies' Home Page
HSC Electronic Supply
Introduction - Cal Crystal Lab, Inc. / Comclok Inc.
Jameco Electronics
Marco Specialties Hardware, Parts and Supplies
Marlin P. Jones & Assoc. Electronics Mail Order Co.
Marshall Electronics
MegaMall - Electronics
Mouser Electronics W3
Mr. Pinball Classifieds
MUSHROOM COMPONENTS Distributors of Electronic Components
Newark Electronics, Catalog Distributor of Electronic Components
PAiA Electronics, Inc
Pinball Palace Home Page
Pinball, Video and Jukebox corner
SUPERCIRCUITS (cheap digital cameras)
SUPERCIRCUITS (mini-cameras)
Surplus Hardware/Software
Tandy Retail Services -- Product Support Center
TANDY Retail Services, Support Library
TechAmerica Welcome (Tandy Corp.)
Telephone Kits
Toko Coils Webpage!
Vacuum Tubes, Electron Tubes, Tubes, Tube Testers and Electronic Parts
Welcome to Parallax, Inc.

IC Manufacturers

AMD Home Page
Analog Devices
Burr-Brown Corporation
Chip directory
Chip directory
Dallas Semiconductor Corp: Home Page
DANA'S Index of Electronic Manufacturers on the Web
Electronics related companies
Global Semiconductor Datasheets Library
Harris Semiconductors
Hitachi America, Ltd.
Intel Semiconductors
Linear Technology Corporation
Maxim Integrated Products
Microchip Home Page
National Semiconductor
NEC Electronic Device News
Parts & Service Directory.
Philips Semiconductors Home Page
RF Micro Devices Home Page
Texas Instruments Welcomes You
Xicor, Inc.
Zilog Homepage

Hi-Fi/Stereo Stuff!

All Brands Electronics - Unbeatable Pricing on the Internet!
Crutchfield Sony Store
PIONEER Home Page 96!(E)
Sony Information
Welcome To Sony Electronics Inc.

IR Remote Stuff!

CD changer controller
Computerized Infrared Remote
Infrared Info and other electronic info
IR Remotes Page
IR table
IR/Comp Kits
One-For-All Set Up Codes
Optoelectronics (Decoding IR)
RedRat IR receiver/transmitter for your PC
Sony Control-L Page
SONY Control-S Specs/Info
Sony S-Link Resource Center
Sony's Control-S Protocol
U-OFA-URC: Serial Port Cable
U-OFA-URC: The Unofficial One-For-All Universal Remote Control Pages
Zig's Amazing IR Remote Control Page

Stamp/PIC Stuff

Basic Stamp BS-1, EEPROM, Temperature Measurment
Basic Stamp Circuit of the Month !
David Tait's PIC Links
Embedded Microcontrollers
Furnace Control Specifications
Guru's Lair: PIC microprocessor library directory
Home Data Monitoring System
List of Parallax Stamp Applications !
Microchip PIC12C5XX Family: First page of PIC12C508 datasheet
Microchip Technology Inc.
NCD Electronics (Stamp/Serial Apps!)
Pic (micro) Fundamentals (Lancaster)
Stamp-to-DS1820 (by Dan Clemmensen)
Warburton Technology - Specializes in BASIC Stamp computers, PIC microcontrollers, PicBasic compilers,modules, components and development tools
UMass College of Engineering
WE-MAN! 's Electro Stuff


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Earthmen Productions

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