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Updated: July 17, 2013

Futaba 8C/9C Campac Module Projects




Testing & Operation


Note: All pictures that follow are "clickable".  Clicking on them will show you an enlargement!

A lil' history ...
    After I had acquired a Futaba 9CAP radio a few years ago, I was curious about this "Campac" module that Futaba sells.  This plug-in module is an upgrade, increasing your radio's capability of storing more model information.  The 9CAP out of the box can store 8 models.  With the 16K Campac module, you can store 14 models total (module adds 6 models).  The Futaba 8C transmitter can also use this module.  In fact, if used on an 8C, you get 8 additional models instead of 6.  These can usually be purchased for around $15-25, or can be built by yourself for around $5-6.  They also sell 64K versions of the Campac and cost between $50-70.  If you check on the internet, you can also find "cloned" versions of these higher capacity Campac modules (i.e. "Ultra-Pacs").

    After digging around on the internet, I found Wallace Louie's webpage which contains some interesting software that allows you to download and upload Campac information to your PC.  I also followed some links to a few interesting DIY Campac module, appropriately named  "Clone-Pacs".  The Campac modules use serial EEPROM chips that are easily (and cheaply) obtained over the internet or through surplus electronic outfits.  The only other electrical components required are two resistors.  The only unique item you may have to get is the mating connector needed that will accept the pins located inside the transmitter's Campac interface slot.  Without this proper header receptor, you will be sure to bend or damage the Campac's interface, possibly rendering your transmitter useless.   

Below are a few links that could be of interests:


Design Criteria Summary:

1) Plug & Play (100% compatibility)
2) Easy & quick Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
3) Cheap and readily-available components
4) Easy PCB or perfboard design
5) Hookup wires, soldering tools, wire snips, etc...

Parts & Tools List ...

1) 24LC16B Serial EEPROM
2) Two (2)  10K-ohm resistors (any size, I used 1/4 watt)
3) Perfboard or build your own PCB
4) Futaba Transmitter Campac module mating connector
5) ...

Building Instructions...

...more coming soon

24LC15B Serial EEPROM Specs


Testing and Operation Instructions...

...more coming soon


Additional Notes...


Earthmen Productions
Earthmen Productions

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